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How to Choose Wisely from a Restaurant Menu

Don't go out to eat and be disappointed in your selection again. With careful consideration given to every entree and a couple tips you can order the best dish anywhere.


  • Step 1: Read the entire menu Read reviews of the restaurant online before you go. Once you arrive, peruse the entire menu, reading the descriptions carefully.
  • TIP: Find out from your server if there are any specials being offered.
  • Step 2: Skip the basics Skip the basic dishes that are available in just about any restaurant.
  • TIP: Ask the server for recommendations, but be wary if they seem to be pushing a certain option a little too hard. Servers sometimes recommend bad sellers or items that the kitchen is trying to get rid of.
  • Step 3: Skip the fancy entrees Look for main dishes that seem particularly out of the ordinary. These are probably the chef's specialties.
  • TIP: Beware of entrees that sound too good to be true. They probably are.
  • Step 4: Stick with the restaurant's genre Stick with the restaurant's genre. Do not go to a Japanese restaurant and order a hamburger.
  • Step 5: Select from the remaining options Select from the remaining options, sit back, and relax knowing that you have selected wisely.
  • FACT: There are over 900,000 restaurants in the United States.

You Will Need

  • Restaurant
  • Menu

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