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How to Motivate Employees

The success of an organization relies heavily on how well each employee performs in the workplace. Create a productive environment and motivate your employees.


  • Step 1: Express value Express to your employees how much their work is noticed and valued, and how they are an important part in expanding the organization.
  • Step 2: Lead Lead by example and be positive, focused, and committed at work.
  • Step 3: Explain Explain how an employee can improve rather than pointing out mistakes.
  • TIP: Do not micromanage employees.
  • Step 4: Set goals Set goals for your employees, and give them clear guidelines to follow to help them achieve those goals.
  • Step 5: Recognize Recognize employees for their hard work and individually thank them at staff meetings.
  • Step 6: Reward Reward deserving employees with more challenging projects.
  • Step 7: Explore other options Explore other incentives to increase motivation in workers, such as a flexible work schedule, treating an employee to lunch, or an occasional Friday afternoon off.
  • FACT: Approximately 40 percent of all resumes contain false information.

You Will Need

  • Communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Goals
  • Guidelines
  • Recognition
  • Rewards

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