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How to Stage Your Own Training Movie Montage

Always wanted to go from out-of-shape loser to fist-pumping winner in the time it takes to play a song? Now you can!


  • : While this video is awesome, it didn't go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.
  • Step 1: Select your music Pick a motivational song. Use a hard-hitting backbeat to start you off when the chips are down, and sweeping horns and shredding guitar that crescendo as you improve.
  • Step 2: Find a trainer Locate an old person to shout slogans at you while you're training. Allow them to take the pain associated with their own failures out on you; it will only add to your video's raw emotional power.
  • Step 3: Start slowly Begin your training, making it obvious that you need some serious help. Trip and fall, make mistakes, and grimace, wince, and sweat as much as humanly possible so the viewer can relate to you and your struggle for glory.
  • TIP: Remember, your trainer has been through all this before. Listen carefully -- he's old and may not be around for your climactic finish.
  • Step 4: Show a romantic motivator Cut to shots of your love interest standing by your side, watching your every move, cheering loudly, and generally acting as the positive counter to your trainer's negativity.
  • TIP: If your love interest doesn't want to accompany you on every workout, leave them a token of your love they can clasp to their chest.
  • Step 5: Impress your trainer Rise to the challenge. Match your mentor's expectations, then exceed their preconceived notions about your ability, and blow them away! While you're at it, why not bend the laws of physics? In montages, anything can happen. That's right, you're a champ. Time to let the whole world know it.
  • FACT: The first five Rocky films contain 11 montage sequences.

You Will Need

  • Inspirational song
  • Trainer
  • Love interest
  • Will to win
  • Love token (optional)
  • Talent (optional)

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