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How to Decode a Dude Based on His Sex Style

You've gotten into his pants. Now get into his head. Clue into his personality by analyzing his bedroom moves.


  • Step 1: Suss out slow and sexy If your man whispers sweet nothings and covers you with soft kisses, don't dismiss him as hokey. It means he's ready to make a connection.
  • Step 2: Decipher long foreplay Long luxurious foreplay leading to athletic sack sessions? You've got an extrovert who loves to socialize and be in the spotlight.
  • Step 3: Reveal what excitable means If he's easily aroused but distant during the act and seems emotionally conflicted afterward, your man may be a little neurotic. Get him to open up, and lure him back for round two by stroking his ego with a few naughty compliments.
  • Step 4: Figure out spontaneous Spontaneous sex is the hallmark of a man who's turned on by variety. You won't have to tell him twice to try something new, but due to his short attention span you may have to work to keep him focused on the relationship.
  • Step 5: Get to the bottom of hard and manly A hard, fast, man-on-top style is the calling card of the alpha male. Always be direct when you want something from this guy; subtlety isn't his thing.
  • TIP: Stress can be the root cause of a too-fast sex style. Tell him to blow off a little steam before the act by hitting the gym to see a softer, gentler side of your man.
  • Step 6: Get educated on wild and crazy Outrageous props and dirty scenarios are the domain of a man obsessed with fantasy. If too much kink weirds you out, suggest a novelty-free bedroom session. If he's willing to compromise, he's a keeper; if not, it's time to move on.
  • FACT: Dutch researchers found that the average British man lasts 10 minutes in bed, while American men averaged eight minutes.

You Will Need

  • Sex partner
  • Intuition

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