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How to Deal with Summer Traffic

If the summer driving season causes you to double up on your blood pressure medication, this guide will have you enjoying the open road in no time.


  • Step 1: Leave with plenty of time Leave for the beach or park with plenty of spare time -- rushing is a surefire way to add stress or have an accident.
  • Step 2: Plan your route Plan your route carefully and avoid heavy traffic areas when possible.
  • TIP: Visit your state's Department of Transportation website to view the latest construction zones and street closings and plan accordingly.
  • Step 3: Avoid traveling during peak times Avoid driving during peak hours such as early morning and mid-afternoon, and avoid major holidays.
  • Step 4: Take the scenic tour Take the scenic tour or drive alongside the ocean and don't be afraid to get lost.
  • TIP: Invest in either a dash-mounted GPS system or a cell phone with GPS to navigate through unfamiliar territory.
  • Step 5: Exercise patience Exercise patience and be nice to your fellow tourists when on the road; this is the best way to travel and get to your destination safely.
  • FACT: The 392 National Parks in the U.S. receive nearly 12 million visitors each year, most of them to the 4 1/2 million acres of oceans, lakes, and reservoirs.

You Will Need

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Carefree temperament
  • Internet access (optional)
  • GPS system (optional)

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