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How to Deal with People Who Dominate Conversation

Can't get a word in? Deal with people who dominate conversations and join in on the talk.


  • Step 1: Ask questions Ask specific and direct questions to make it hard for verbal people to take the conversation into another direction, and take control.
  • Step 2: Acknowledge Acknowledge the conversation stealer by restating what they said and then invite others to respond.
  • Step 3: Ask others Mention another person's name other than the dominator and ask that person a question.
  • Step 4: Interrupt Interrupt the conversation dominator and encourage others to share their opinions.
  • TIP: Gently and politely interrupt the conversation dominator.
  • Step 5: Move on State that you have heard their point but it is now time to move on.
  • Step 6: Speak privately If all else fails, speak to the dominant speaker privately and share your concerns.
  • FACT: Fifty-five percent of communication is expressed through body language and only 7 percent is verbal.

You Will Need

  • Questions
  • Acknowledgment
  • Communication skills
  • Determination

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