How to Fix a Toilet Handle

If your toilet handle sticks or your toilet won't flush, you may need to perform a little toilet maintenance and replace your old, faulty handle with a new one.

You will need

  • Channel locks
  • New toilet handle
  • Utility knife (optional)

Step 1 Unscrew the old handle Remove the broken handle by unscrewing the plastic nut from the back of the handle, inside the toilet tank. You may need to use channel locks to get a grip on the nut.

Step 2 Remove the broken handle arm Remove the broken handle arm by detaching the chain from the arm, leaving the other end of the chain connected to the flapper valve inside the toilet.

Step 3 Insert the new handle Disconnect the plastic nut from the new handle and slide it off the arm. Feed the end of the arm through the handle hole in the toilet tank, replace the nut, and hand tighten it.

Step 4 Reconnect the chain Reconnect the chain to one of the holes on the new arm, selecting a hole that allows the arm to lift the chain and flapper valve without lifting higher than the top of the toilet tank.

Step 5 Replace the top of the toilet tank Replace the top of your toilet tank and breathe easy knowing you can flush your toilet again.