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How to Get a Job Writing Reviews

Get paid to have an opinion by getting a job writing product reviews in magazines and online publications.


  • Step 1: Get submission guidelines Find a newspaper, magazine, or online site that publishes reviews, and read their submission guidelines. Contact the editor for guidelines if they are not listed.
  • TIP: Look for guidelines for a particular publication in a market listings reference book.
  • Step 2: Read past reviews Read past reviews the magazine or site has published to get a sense of what they are looking for.
  • Step 3: Choose a product Choose a product to review. Products can be just about anything, including household items, books, or a new digital camera. Focus on products that are new and in demand.
  • TIP: Review a new product before anyone else does.
  • Step 4: Write well Write high-quality reviews that are detailed and clearly show the pros and cons of the product you are reviewing. With some online review sites, you are paid based on how helpful customers find your reviews.
  • Step 5: Contact the product's company Contact the company that makes the product and inform them you are writing a review. Companies have press kits, samples, and other information they can send you to aid you in your review.
  • Step 6: Blog Blog about products. If you can't get a job with a magazine, blog about products. The more traffic you send from your site to the site of the product, the more likely you are to receive sample products to review. Enjoy all the knowledge you are accumulating.
  • FACT: Kirkus Reviews magazine reviews around 5,000 books each year.

You Will Need

  • Submission guidelines
  • Internet access
  • Product
  • Writing skills
  • Blog
  • Market listings (optional)

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