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How to Get a Tattoo Removed

"Winona Forever" was short-lived thanks to modern technology. Get rid of any unsightly or embarrassing tattoos to score that job or that new partner in your life.


  • Step 1: Research options Research online tattoo removal options, including laser removal, intense pulsed light therapy, and dermabrasion to find which method will best suit your needs and budget.
  • TIP: Different methods of removal work better than others depending on skin color, tattoo color, and skin condition.
  • Step 2: Find a doctor or specialist Locate a cosmetic surgeon or tattoo-removal specialist with good reviews. Ask friends and family for recommendations or search the internet for highly recommended specialists in your area.
  • Step 3: Make an appointment Make an appointment with a doctor or tattoo removal specialist for a consultation.
  • Step 4: Answer questions honestly Answer any questions from your specialist honestly as they will help to determine your removal options and effectiveness.
  • Step 5: Schedule a preoperative appointment Schedule a preoperative appointment to discuss any remaining concerns and receive preoperative instructions.
  • Step 6: Follow preoperative procedures Follow any preoperative procedures as determined by your specialist.
  • Step 7: Get tattoo removed Show up for your procedure and follow any postoperative instructions from your specialist.
  • Step 8: Relax and take care Relax and take care of the removal area as you would with any other surgical procedure. Enjoy the results.
  • FACT: Lucky Diamond Rich, born in New Zealand, has 100 percent of his skin tattooed including the insides of his ears, between his toes, and on his gums. He even has white tattoos on top of the colored tattoos.

You Will Need

  • Unwanted tattoo
  • Internet access
  • Cosmetic surgeon or tattoo-removal specialist
  • Recommendations
  • Tolerance for discomfort
  • Acceptance of scars

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