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How to Get Invited to Movie Premieres

You don't have to woo and date a celebrity to get invited to a red-carpet movie premiere, but it wouldn't hurt.


  • Step 1: Work on the film Work on the film as cast or crew, or have a friend on the set. This is the best way to ensure you get invited to a premiere.
  • Step 2: Write about movies Write about movies. If you don't make movies, then write reviews about them. Critics and bloggers may be invited to attend premieres.
  • Step 3: Join an organization Join a specialized group or organization, such as an environmental, religious, or academic organization. Specialized groups are invited to premieres of movies that are targeted for specific audiences.
  • Step 4: Be in the right location Be in right place at the right time. On occasion, movies premiere in the towns where they were shot, and sometimes a select few fans waiting by the red carpet get picked to watch the film.
  • Step 5: Enter contests Enter contests or sweepstakes to win free tickets to premieres.
  • Step 6: Sign up with a screening website Sign up with a website that notifies you about movie premieres and reserves a place for you on the guest list. Now you've increased your chances to be the first to see a great movie.
  • FACT: As of January of 2010, Avatar earned over $1.8 billion, making it the highest grossing film of all time.

You Will Need

  • Job on a film set
  • Job writing reviews
  • Blog
  • Internet access
  • Membership to a specialized organization

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