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How to Get Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Suffering from "man boobs" is no laughing matter to those who have them. Get that gynecomastia in check with the aid of modern medicine.


  • : Male breast reduction is major surgery and has serious health risks. Talk to your physician about any medical concerns and risks related to plastic surgery.
  • Step 1: Ask for recommendations Ask friends and relatives for plastic surgeon recommendations.
  • Step 2: Research Research doctor reviews or recommended doctors on the internet to see which doctor or doctors you would like to meet with. Look at any before and after photos and for board certifications.
  • Step 3: Set up a consult Schedule a consultation appointment with one or two doctors to talk about your excess breast tissue, reduction options, and any concerns you may have.
  • TIP: Be prepared to answer a battery of questions regarding your overall health, the desired outcome of surgery, and your lifestyle.
  • Step 4: Schedule your procedure Schedule your procedure to allow for recovery for a couple of days. Take off or schedule it for a Friday, so you can rest over the weekend following surgery.
  • Step 5: Follow pre-op procedures Follow any pre-operative procedures given to you by your surgeon.
  • TIP: Pre-operative procedures are not optional and should be followed exactly as specified.
  • Step 6: Show up Show up early for your scheduled procedure to fill out any paperwork and discuss any concerns with the staff.
  • Step 7: Get a ride Have someone drive you home and help you pick up any pain medication prescriptions.
  • Step 8: Wear elastic pressure garment Wear an elastic pressure garment to help with swelling for at least a week, but preferably two.
  • TIP: Doctors may provide you with this as part of your post-operative instructions and supplies. Ask about this when scheduling your surgery in case you need to purchase one beforehand.
  • Step 9: Rest and follow post-op Rest for at least two days following your procedure and follow any post-operative procedures exactly. Relax in knowing that any taunting about your excess breast tissue is a thing of the past.
  • FACT: Dr. John Paul Mettauer was the first surgeon in the United States to perform plastic surgery, a cleft palate repair in 1827.

You Will Need

  • Excess male breast tissue
  • Internet access
  • Time off from work or school
  • Ride home
  • Elastic pressure garment

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