How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Sports injuries, falls, and accidents can all lead to a lost filling, cap, or other dental emergencies. Here are some temporary first aid measures to hold you until you get professional treatment.

You will need

  • Warm water
  • Cold compress
  • Dentist
  • Milk
  • Dental floss
  • Emergency professional (optional)

Step 1 Treat a bitten tongue Clean and apply a cold press to the injured area if you bit your lip or tongue.

Step 2 Treat a broken tooth Rinse your mouth with warm water if you break a tooth. Apply a cold compress and call your dentist.

Step 3 Treat a broken jaw Apply a cold compress to your jaw if you think you broke it. Seek professional treatment immediately.

Step 4 Treat a dislodged tooth Rinse a dislodged tooth in water if it is dirty. Place it in a cup of milk and take it to your dentist.

Step 5 Treat a toothache Rinse your mouth with warm water if you have a toothache. Try using dental floss to remove any material caught between teeth. If the pain persists, see your dentist.