How to Restore a Dried-out Cigar

Restore your cigars back to their original quality by using one of these methods.

You will need

  • Damp or humid location
  • Humidor
  • 2 plastic bags
  • Scissors
  • Damp sponge
  • Damp towel
  • Cellar or basement (optional)

Step 1 Expose to humidity Expose the cigar to humidity or a damp place for a week, rotating them every couple days.

Step 2 Complete the process Complete the process by placing them in a humidor at 70 percent humidity, rotating them a quarter turn every two to three days.

Step 3 Make holes in a plastic bag Make holes in a plastic bag and insert your cigar; then seal the bag.

Step 4 Insert into another bag Insert the bag into another plastic bag with a damp sponge and seal the outer bag. Rotate the cigar every couple days until it is restored.

Step 5 Restore in a towel Restore a cigar by wrapping the cigar box in a damp towel for two weeks.

Step 6 Invest in a quality humidor Remember to take the cellophane off the cigar when you are restoring it. Invest in a quality humidor to keep your cigars fresh.