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How to Record Streaming Audio

If you get frustrated when you miss something on a streaming audio file, don't fret -- now you can record the whole thing.


  • Step 1: Download software Download freeware software that allows you to record streaming audio, such as MP3, My MP3 or Audacity.
  • TIP: Close any programs you won't be using while the audio is streaming and be sure to disable audio alerts to avoid these showing up in your recordings.
  • Step 2: Select the input Select the input to record from your computer speakers. In MP3 My MP3 Recorder, you will choose Stereo Mix as the input. In Vista, you may have to restart the program after choosing your input. If you're using Audacity, choose Wave Out or Stereo Mix from the drop-down menu on the mixer toolbar.
  • Step 3: Select the output Select your output in MP3 My MP3 Recorder by picking whether you want to record the files as MP3 or WAV files. In Audacity, you will need to download and use the free LAME file encoder to export your MP3s.
  • Step 4: Start recording Click the red record button to start recording. Then start your streaming audio and click Stop when the audio is finished. In MP3 MY MP3, click the Rename tab and name your file. In Audacity, choose Export as MP3 in the file menu. Now you've successfully saved streaming audio to enjoy anytime, anywhere.
  • FACT: An MP3 is a shortened version of MPEG which stands for Moving Picture Experts Group, the name of a family of standards used for coding audio-visual information.

You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Recording software
  • Streaming audio

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