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How to Pick the Cheapest Days to Fly

The best way to get cheap airfare is to become a pilot. But if flying for a living isn't your thing, navigate through the system to find the cheapest days to fly.


  • Step 1: Fly mid-week Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. These days, in some cases, can save you hundreds of dollars because most people need to fly over the weekend.
  • TIP: Some websites will e-mail you daily or weekly about changes in fares. Be sure to sign up for these alerts.
  • Step 2: Check different times Browse travel and airline websites for the days you've chosen to fly. Ticket prices may vary throughout the day depending on what hour you depart.
  • Step 3: Fly on holidays Fly on the actual holiday, like Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day, instead of the days before and after. Many people want to get to their destination prior to the holiday, and opt to pay more for an earlier flight.
  • Step 4: Use travel search sites Use travel search sites to find the best days to fly. Sites like these will help you choose the cheapest time of day and day of month to fly. Once you've chosen your flight, saved a ton of cash, and packed your bags, it's time to relax and reward your frugality with some R and R.
  • FACT: A 747-400 Boeing jet takes off going 180 miles per hour, flies at 565 miles per hour, and lands at 160 miles per hour.

You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Flexible travel days

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