How to Send Pictures to Facebook from a Cellphone

Upload photos you have just taken with your mobile phone and share them with others on your Facebook page.

You will need

  • Facebook account
  • Mobile phone
  • Internet browser
  • Photo capabilities

Step 1 Download If you have a smartphone, ownload the Facebook application at from your phone’s internet browser.

Step 2 Upload picture Take a picture using your phone, and you will be given the option to upload it to Facebook.

Step 3 Send with MMS If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also send photos using a multimedia messaging service by attaching a picture to a new MMS message and e-mailing it to

Step 4 Connect Use the confirmation code sent via text message from Facebook to connect your mobile phone number with your Facebook profile.

Step 5 Visit Facebook If you’re phone is able to send e-mails with attachments, go to, log in to your account, and look for the special “upload” e-mail address assigned to you by Facebook. Save the upload e-mail address in your contacts.

Step 6 E-mail pictures E-mail pictures to your assigned e-mail address from your mobile phone and they will be placed in the mobile uploads photo album and automatically posted to your Facebook page.

Step 7 Enjoy Enjoy sharing your special mobile moments on Facebook.