How to Take Apart Your Nintendo Wii

If you find your Nintendo Wii under attack by dust bunnies, break things down for a good cleaning without wasting much time.

You will need

  • Micro screwdriver set
  • Security tri-wing screwdriver
  • Steady hand

Step 1 Pop off the top flaps Stand your Wii vertically and remove the top flaps by carefully bending them back until they snap out.

Step 2 Remove top screws Remove the three Philips head screws in the top of the console and then slide out the black panel around the four Gamecube and memory ports.

Step 3 Remove screws under panel Remove the two Philips head screws under the black panel and then the two tri-wing screws using a security tri-wing screwdriver.

Step 4 Flip the console over Flip the console over and remove all the screws fro the bottom including the one near the battery cover.

Step 5 Detach face plate Detach the front faceplate and use a flathead screwdriver to separate the power connectors from inside the console.

Step 6 Lie the console flat Lay the console flat and pry the case panel away from the unit by placing a flat head screwdriver in the seam.

Step 7 Check for additional screws Check for additional screws if you are having difficulty removing the panel. You have successfully disassembled your Wii.