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How to Write Reviews Of Wii Games

If your favorite Wii games have been panned by online or magazine critics, this guide will help you share your opinion like an expert.


  • Step 1: List details List the details of the Wii game, including the title, release date, number of players allowed, and the genre.
  • Step 2: Summarize plot Summarize the basic plot or backstory to the game and provide the details of the main character and the task you are expected to complete.
  • TIP: Don't give away the ending or plot twists in your review.
  • Step 3: Relate your emotions Discuss whether playing the game made you feel excited, bored, anxious, disgusted, or indifferent.
  • Step 4: Keep things brief Keep the review brief and use strong adjectives and verbs to attract readers and then keep them entertained.
  • TIP: Most websites will limit reviews and comments to around 200 words, but some allow you as many as 500 words.
  • Step 5: Start your own blog Start your own blog for longer reviews, or locate websites that will share advertising revenue so you can get paid for your hard work and opinion.
  • Step 6: Be honest Speak from the heart and always be honest with your review, even if everyone else loves a game but you weren't impressed -- say so and explain why.
  • FACT: In 2009, six of the top 10 selling console games were exclusively for the Nintendo Wii console.

You Will Need

  • Strong opinions
  • Video game knowledge
  • Personal blog

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