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How to Stream Audio

Be the DJ of your own personal radio station by streaming audio from your personal music library to any computer in the world.


  • Step 1: Decide how to host Weigh the pros and cons of hosting your music from home or from a website. If you host at home, your PC has to be on and online at all times. If you use a website, you have to spend hours uploading your music.
  • Step 2: Host at home Host at home by downloading and installing free audio streaming software to your PC.
  • TIP: On a Mac, create a virtual network through an audio streaming service and access the iTunes library on your Mac online.
  • Step 3: Select audio Open the application and create an account. When prompted to choose what media you want to stream, select audio.
  • TIP: Some applications also let you stream video on their sites.
  • Step 4: Configure the application Configure the application to access the folders on your PC containing your audio files. The application accesses these files for streaming.
  • Step 5: Login to application's site Login at the application's website with your account information to access your streaming music from any computer or mobile device.
  • Step 6: Sign up with a storage website Sign up with an online storage website to host and stream your audio online.
  • Step 7: Download upload software Download and install the storage website's upload software.
  • Step 8: Upload and enjoy Upload your music to the site. Once uploaded, you can access your music from any computer without having to worry about always having a computer turned on at home.
  • FACT: Nikola Tesla invented and patented the radio in 1900.

You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Audio files
  • Audio streaming software or online storage site
  • Virtual network application (optional)

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