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How to Take Apart Your XBox 360

Taking apart your Xbox can be accomplished with a few tools and instructions.


  • Step 1: Disconnect cords and aftermarket hardware Disconnect all cords and aftermarket hardware that are connected to your Xbox 360 console.
  • TIP: Call Microsoft at 1-800-4-MYXBOX before taking apart your Xbox 360 in case it may possibly still be under warranty, or for some other guidance prior to voiding your warranty altogether.
  • Step 2: Hold power button for 3 seconds Hold power button in for 3 seconds to discharge any power still stored in the systems components.
  • Step 3: Remove hard drive Remove the hard drive by pressing in the button on the top and pulling upwards.
  • Step 4: Remove faceplate Remove the faceplate by gripping it firmly at the top and bottom of one end and pulling gently until it pops off. Do the same at the other end.
  • Step 5: Remove gray vents on top and bottom Remove the gray vents on the top and bottom inserting a small flat head screwdriver between the vent and Xbox 360 and prying upwards.
  • Step 6: Insert small flat head screwdriver into slots Insert a small flat head screwdriver into the small slots on the back of the console between the seam of the cases and push until you hear a pop. Do the same for both top and bottom.
  • Step 7: Pry clips apart with small flat head screwdriver Pry the clips apart on the front of the Xbox with a small flat head screwdriver or your fingernail to finish separating the cases.
  • Step 8: Place console on floor Place your console on the floor with the back facing you and the exposed metal facing up.
  • Step 9: Unscrew screws with T10 torx screwdriver Unscrew all screws that hold the exposed metal pan on with a T10 torx screwdriver.
  • TIP: Keep the screws together in a safe spot so you will have all of them when it comes time to put your Xbox back together.
  • Step 10: Flip console over Flip the console over.
  • Step 11: Pull up on case to expose inner components Pull up on the top case to expose inner components of your Xbox 360 console and your finished.
  • FACT: In 2007, Xbox Live added a new subscriber every 8 seconds.

You Will Need

  • Xbox
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • T10 torx screwdriver
  • Gloves (optional)

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