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How to Write Cellphone Reviews

If you can't say enough about your recent cell phone purchase, this guide will put your wordsmith talents to good use while earning you some extra money.


  • Step 1: Begin with the details Begin your review by listing a few of the details and specifications such as the manufacturer, model number, and cell phone carrier.
  • TIP: Since pricing can often vary widely from carrier to carrier and week to week, check on the manufacturer's website for the suggested retail price.
  • Step 2: Discuss the screen quality Discuss the brightness, size, and resolution of the screen since this is one of the most important elements for any cell phone.
  • Step 3: List important add-ons List what add-ons the cell phone offers such as music downloads, the size of the camera, a GPS, and the ability to access e-mail and files online.
  • Step 4: Test battery life Test the battery life by going through your normal routine and see how many hours or days it takes to run the battery completely dead.
  • Step 5: Use strong verbs and adjectives Use strong verbs and adjectives to clearly describe all the functions of the cell phone and to keep your audience engaged and informed.
  • TIP: Start a blog to build up an audience and gain experience.
  • Step 6: Get paid Get paid for your hard work by searching online for websites that will share in advertising royalties with their writers or magazines that pay by the article. You're putting your knowledge to good use.
  • FACT: The mining of Coltan, a mineral used in cellphones, is leading to the endangerment of gorillas in the Congo.

You Will Need

  • Good writing skills
  • Strong voice
  • Internet access
  • Personal blog (optional)

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