How to Write Movie Reviews

If you're looking to pad your wallet with some extra green, this guide will help you get paid for your opinion of movies.


  • Step 1: Pick films you like Pick films that you know you will like. This doesn't mean you can't write a negative review, but don't pick something you know you'll hate.
  • Step 2: Read a lot of reviews Read a lot of movie reviews in magazines, newspapers, or on the internet to learn the basic structure and format of a review.
  • Step 3: Be honest Pick a clear stance and give a clear reason why you either liked or disliked a specific person, a part of the film, or the whole film.
  • TIP: Always be committed and speak from the heart -- don't be pretentious by liking or disliking something because a majority of people do.
  • Step 4: Inject personality Inject your own personality and voice into each review and use punchy wording and phrases.
  • Step 5: Post online Post your reviews online and locate sites that will share advertising royalties with their writers based on the number of visitors they attract.
  • Step 6: Segue to print Segue to newspapers or magazines by building a portfolio to show off and to grow your online audience. Soon you'll be as famous as Siskel and Ebert.
  • FACT: In 2008, fewer than one in 10 Americans read a national newspaper as more people relied on internet and cable television for their news.

You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Good writing skills
  • Clear voice
  • Strong opinion

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