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How to Write Reviews Of Gadgets

Whether you're tech-savvy or just a normal Joe with an opinion, this guide will help you tell everyone about the latest gadget in your life.


  • Step 1: Give yourself time to adjust Give yourself some time to adjust to using the new device, and thumb through the manual to learn about all the bells and whistles it has to offer.
  • Step 2: Highlight the solved problem Highlight a problem the gadget solves such as remembering important dates, accessing your e-mail and bank accounts on the go, or just finding your keys.
  • Step 3: Engage reader Engage the reader and keep things light and playful. Make the review personal and speak directly to your audience as a trusted friend.
  • TIP: Keep things brief, to as few as 200 words in some cases, depending on the space allotted and to keep your reader from nodding off.
  • Step 4: Discuss price and promises Discuss whether the gadget delivers on the advertised promises and if the cost is worth the return.
  • Step 5: Speak about likes and dislikes Speak about your likes and dislikes for the gadget before giving your recommendation in the conclusion.
  • TIP: End on a high note if you are recommending the gadget but don't be afraid to give a negative review if you are dissatisfied.
  • Step 6: Spread the word Share your review online in a blog or locate sites that pay for consumer reviews for some extra cash in your wallet. Enjoy sharing your opinion.
  • FACT: The average family spends as much on entertainment devices and cell phones as gas and eating out, around $2,000 annually.

You Will Need

  • Good writing skills
  • Strong opinion
  • Courage

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