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How To Suggest Ideas For Howcast's Next Video With YouTube Moderator

Howcast is teaming up with YouTube and its new Moderator feature to produce our next how-to video -- and you get to decide what it will be! Visit "": by June 4 to submit your ideas or vote for whichever one tickles your fancy. The suggestion with the most votes will be made into a video by the Howcast team. Our next how-to is in your hands!


Heather: Hey, I'm Heather.

Darlene: And I'm Darlene, and we're here from HowCast. For those of you who don't know HowCast, we make awesome how-to videos.

Heather: YouTube is launching a new tool called Moderator that lets us hear from you, and we're helping them test it out.

Darlene: So tell us what how-to videos you want us to make for you. The more creative the better. You can vote or submit your own idea and the most popular idea that bubbles up to the top we're going to make the video.

Heather: We can make a video for anything.

Man 1: I wanna know how to get off a ladder.

Woman 1: I wanna know how to keep up with Days of Our Lives from your computer.

Woman 2: I would like to teach men how to dress for yoga.

Woman 1: So Sammy and Nicole's babies got switched?

Man 2: I'd like to learn how to overcome a fear of food.

Woman 3: How to get wrinkles out of a green screen.

Man 3: I want to know how to have less mouth noise in my voice overs.

Man 4: I want to know how to be Batman. Micheal Keaton Batman, not Christian Bale Batman.

Woman 4: I want to learn how to make a T-shirt for my cat that has my face on it.

Heather: Now we want to hear from you. Submit your ideas and vote for the best below.

Darlene: Our coolest new how-to video is in your hands.

Man 5: Pizza, what do you want to know how to do?

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