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How to Cast Magic Spells

Anyone can be bewitching with the help of a little black -- and white -- magic.


  • Step 1: Burn a candle Get a candle whose color represents the kind of magic spell you wish to cast: Red for love, green for prosperity, white for new beginnings, black for help in grieving -- to name a few. Visualize your wish as you light the candle, and say a few words about what you hope will happen. This is your incantation. Spend a few minutes deep in thought about your desire before blowing out the flame.
  • TIP: Candle colors have more than one meaning.
  • Step 2: Use a stone Use a gem stone. Like candles, different stones have different magical properties. Hold the stone in one or both hands as you visualize filling it with light, then think about the magic spell you're casting. Say an incantation if you like.
  • Step 3: Write it down Write down the magic spell on a piece of paper and then burn it while you focus your thoughts onto the paper. The source of fire doesn't matter; it can be a candle, a hearth, or anything else that produces a flame.
  • TIP: Some people like to use parchment paper, but any kind will do.
  • Step 4: Use plant Cast a magic spell using a dried plant that relates to your wish. Put a spoonful in a small square of fabric, tie or sew it up, envision your wish, and keep it near you or carry it in a pocket. Whenever you get a whiff of its scent, it reinforces the spell you are casting.
  • Step 5: Try essential oils Use essential oils to anoint personal property with a spell. For example, dab a little bergamot on your wallet to improve your financial situation, or put a drop of jasmine on a picture of the one you love.
  • TIP: Find complete lists of candle colors, gemstones, herbs, essential oils, and their magical properties on the internet.
  • Step 6: Believe in your own power Believe in your own power. It's actually the energy you are putting forth in the universe -- via your spiritual ritual -- that makes the magic happen.
  • FACT: About 20 percent of Americans believe in spells and witchcraft.

You Will Need

  • Candles
  • Incantation
  • Gem stones
  • Paper
  • Fire
  • Dried plants
  • Essential oils
  • Faith
  • Parchment paper (optional)

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