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How to Apologize to Your Wife

Break the silence, rekindle the relationship, and apologize to your wife.


  • Step 1: Take responsibility Take full responsibility for your actions and admit fault. Be sincere.
  • Step 2: Express yourself Express your feelings to her in a calm and caring manner.
  • Step 3: Give time Be patient and give her time to respond to your efforts.
  • Step 4: Listen Listen to her and be empathetic to her feelings.
  • Step 5: Apologize Apologize and say you are sorry.
  • Step 6: Write Write her a letter reminding her of how much you love her. Write specific reasons why you love her.
  • Step 7: Surprise her Surprise her with flowers, by cleaning the house, filling up the gas tank, or with a date night. Love is the best medicine.
  • FACT: 22 percent of men have cheated on their wives at least once during their marriage.

You Will Need

  • Sincerity
  • Communication skills
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Apology
  • Letter
  • Thoughtfulness

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