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How to Buy Cattle Brands

Most states have laws governing the transfer of cattle brands. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying one.


  • Step 1: Check for brands for sale Check with your state brand inspector's office or local governing agency to see if they keep a list of brands for sale. Older brands are often sold with ranches or by themselves.
  • Step 2: Choose a distinctive brand Make sure the brand you are considering is distinctive and readily recognized.
  • TIP: Opt for a brand with open characters such as C or a bar. Closed characters such as A, B, or 8 tend to blotch and become hard to read.
  • Step 3: Record the brand Record the acquired brand in your state brand inspection office or with the local governing agency. Remember, unrecorded brands offer little or no protection and result in confusion.
  • FACT: The branding of cattle and livestock commenced before 2000 BCE.

You Will Need

  • Brand inspector's office
  • Governing agency
  • List of brands for sale
  • Distinctive brand
  • Open characters (optional)

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