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How to Create a Digital Scrapbook on Your Computer

Many scrapbooking enthusiasts prefer paper scrapbooks, but many others prefer a digital scrapbook's lack of mess, ease of sharing, and flexibility.


  • Step 1: Use image editing software Use image editing software. Most image editing programs offer free trial downloads online.
  • TIP: Image editing programs use layers to arrange and stack scrapbook page elements, including images and text.
  • Step 2: Select photos and scan them Select photos and scan them into your image editing program. Or take photos with your digital camera and upload them to your computer
  • Step 3: Download digital scrapbook page templates Download digital scrapbook page templates that are compatible with your software.
  • Step 4: Open the template Open the template with your image editor. Choose the Save As option to give the template page a new name and save it to a folder on your desktop.
  • TIP: A template provides ease of use and a page creation starting point for beginning scrapbookers.
  • Step 5: Copy and insert photos Copy and insert or click and drag photos onto the template page.
  • Step 6: Adjust, move, or resize the photos Adjust, move, or resize the photos on the page template. Select a font style and color, and add titles, captions, or journal text to your page.
  • Step 7: Consider buying a digital scrapbook starter kit Consider buying a full digital scrapbook starter kit. These include several templates, plus page accessories like monograms, dots, and stripes.
  • FACT: Thomas Jefferson, one of the earliest American scrapbookers, kept scrapbooks containing pasted newspaper clippings of his favorite poems and prose.

You Will Need

  • Image editing software
  • Selection of photos
  • Scanner
  • Digital camera
  • Scrapbook page templates
  • Digital scrapbook starter kit

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