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How to Make a Scrapbook Cover

A scrapbook's crowning glory is a personalized cover reflecting the treasures held within its pages. Roll up your sleeves, turn up the imagination, and you're on your way to making a true heirloom.


  • Step 1: Evaluate time, energy, and money Evaluate the time, energy, and money you wish to invest in creating a scrapbook cover; then budget each accordingly.
  • Step 2: Consider cover options Consider cover options, then decide whether you want to decorate a purchased album or to make a scrapbook cover from scratch.
  • Step 3: Decorate a purchased album Decorate a purchased album with paint, and glue on die-cut images, glitter, ribbon, and charms.
  • TIP: Adhere rub-on letters to scrapbook covers to add names, dates, or sayings.
  • Step 4: Make a cover from scratch Make a scrapbook cover from scratch starting with a sturdy, thick, and flat material such as card stock, vinyl, acrylic, wood, or leather.
  • Step 5: Wrap the cover Wrap the cover in fabric, leave it as is, or glue plain or patterned paper stock to the cover material; then decorate it with your choice of embellishments.
  • TIP: Make sure the embellishments are durable enough to withstand wear from handling.
  • Step 6: Bind cover and pages Bind the cover and pages by punching holes in the cover aligned with page holes -- then use o-rings to hold it all together. Your treasure is complete and ready for a place of honor on the bookshelf.
  • FACT: Friendship albums featured personal sayings and drawings and were passed between friends in the 1800s.

You Will Need

  • Purchased album cover or sturdy flat material
  • Decorations
  • Glue
  • Fabric
  • Paint
  • Paper stock
  • Hole punch
  • O-rings
  • Rub-on letters (optional)

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