How to Manage Apartment Buildings

Maintain an apartment building properly, and the people who live under your roof will thank you for it.

You will need

  • Supervision techniques
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations
  • Communication skills
  • Diplomacy
  • Cost efficiency
  • Communal area (optional)

Step 1 Maintain day-to-day operations Oversee the day to day operations, such as mail delivery, trash collection, common area maintenance, security, and fire safety.

Step 2 Supervise staff Supervise the maintenance and janitorial staff, as well as other employees working in the building to make sure everyone is on the same page and functioning as a team.

Step 3 Study local laws and regulations Learn local fire and safety laws and regulations to create a safe environment for all employees and tenants.

Step 4 Communicate with tenants Communicate effectively with the tenants, balancing their wants and needs with costs, as well as their complaints about other residents.

Step 5 Minimize costs Work to give your tenants the most bang for their buck by minimizing costs while maintaining their standards of living.