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How to Manage Apartment Buildings

Maintain an apartment building properly, and the people who live under your roof will thank you for it.


  • Step 1: Maintain day-to-day operations Oversee the day to day operations, such as mail delivery, trash collection, common area maintenance, security, and fire safety.
  • Step 2: Supervise staff Supervise the maintenance and janitorial staff, as well as other employees working in the building to make sure everyone is on the same page and functioning as a team.
  • Step 3: Study local laws and regulations Learn local fire and safety laws and regulations to create a safe environment for all employees and tenants.
  • Step 4: Communicate with tenants Communicate effectively with the tenants, balancing their wants and needs with costs, as well as their complaints about other residents.
  • TIP: Set-up a communal area on the premises to encourage everyone to meet and talk with each other.
  • Step 5: Minimize costs Work to give your tenants the most bang for their buck by minimizing costs while maintaining their standards of living.
  • FACT: The 1910 Heights of Buildings Act in Washington, D.C., prohibited any building from being taller than 130 feet in order to preserve the aesthetic value of the nearby monuments.

You Will Need

  • Supervision techniques
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations
  • Communication skills
  • Diplomacy
  • Cost efficiency
  • Communal area (optional)

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