How to Sell Digital Scrapbooking Products

If you're looking to turn an artistic hobby into a profitable enterprise, this guide will turn your scrapbooking artwork into some cold hard cash.

You will need

  • Design software
  • Moderate computer knowledge
  • Desire to succeeed

Step 1 Develop kits and themes Develop digital kits and themes for scrapbooks using your design software that contain matching backgrounds, embellishments, and fonts.

Step 2 Take a computer class Take a computer programming class to learn how to save, edit, and package files in either the P-D-F or Zip format for easy download and use. You only need a moderate level of computer skill to make your home scrapbooking business succeed.

Step 3 Start a website or blog Start your own website or blog to advertise your digital scrapbooking creations and offer some free samples for people to download and use.

Step 4 Open an online auction site store Open an online auction site store or a store on a crafting site and sell your scrapbooking products to millions of people around the world.

Step 5 Link to Paypal Link your store, website, or blog to a Paypal account to make collecting and tracking funds hassle free. If you focus your desire for success, you’ll watch your business grow.