How to Tell Someone Off

If a roommate or co-worker has decided to park on your last nerve, this guide will show you how to regain your freedom and sanity.

You will need

  • Focus
  • Calm demeanor
  • Guts

Step 1 Organize your thoughts Organize your thoughts and plan for the confrontation but don’t let the transgression go or wait too long.

Step 2 Go straight to the source Go straight to the source and focus on one person or event at a time. Too many could make you seem scatterbrained and inconsistent.

Step 3 Be brief Be brief and don’t ramble, get straight to the point, and be as specific as possible without cursing.

Step 4 Offer solutions Offer solutions to the problems and ask them nicely instead of just complaining. Don’t feel you have to get your way to win.

Step 5 Describe your emotions Describe your emotions and how it feels when the other person does or say something that triggers your anger.

Step 6 Be respectful Be respectful, powerful, and assertive, but don’t back down or feel you have to try and be nice. Let everything out to regain your freedom.

Step 7 Write a letter Write a strongly worded letter if all else fails or if the other person has a habit of becoming violent when confronted.