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How to Win Radio Contests

Win free trips, cash, and concert tickets by entering radio contests. Once you start winning, you will be addicted.


  • Step 1: Listen to different radio stations Listen to different radio stations to find out what time they announce the caller or song of the day.
  • TIP: Keep your radio on at all times.
  • Step 2: Dial faster Dial faster by storing radio station phone numbers in your phone.
  • Step 3: Use the redial button Use the redial button on your phone until you get through.
  • Step 4: Use more phones Increase your odds by using more than one phone to call.
  • TIP: Ask a friend or family member to help you.
  • Step 5: Keep trying Keep trying until you hear the winner announced.
  • Step 6: Register online Register on radio stations' websites. Most stations have contests and sweepstakes you can win without having to listen.
  • FACT: Paul McCartney is the most successful songwriter -- he wrote 188 charted records of which 33 became number one.

You Will Need

  • Radio
  • Phone
  • Redial button
  • Persistence
  • Internet access
  • Excitement
  • Friend (optional)
  • Family member (optional)

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