How to Buy a Commuter Bicycle

Bike commuting keeps you in shape, saves money, and helps the environment. Get the best bike for a hassle-free ride.

You will need

  • Consideration of terrain
  • Comfortable seat and handlebars
  • Storage and safety add-ons
  • Reputable bike store
  • Test ride
  • Brake extensions (optional)

Step 1 Consider terrain Consider the terrain you’ll be riding on. Look for extra gears for hill climbing and good suspension for bumpy rides. Opt for road tires instead of mountain bike tires unless you’re commuting on dirt roads or trails.

Step 2 Think about chainless Think about buying a chainless bike if you ride in snow or slush. You’ll have less chain maintenance.

Step 3 Opt for a folding bike Opt for a folding bike if you need portability or combine riding with other mass transit options.

Step 4 Get a comfy seat and handlebars Get a comfy seat with plenty of padding and shock absorbency, and dropped handlebars that allow you to drop down in windy conditions.

Step 5 Add extras Add a cargo rack and removable baskets for storage. Install lights in the front and back and consider a bell for safety.

Step 6 Go to a reputable bike store Shop for your bike at a reputable bike store in order to get the right size bike and personal adjustments.

Step 7 Test ride Take your bike on a test ride to make sure you’re comfortable on it and to ensure you get the proper fit.