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How to Buy a Pickup Truck

Considering make, model, and efficiency versus power just a couple of the many factors that go into deciding on a truck. Here are a few tips to help.


  • Step 1: Consider needs Consider your specific needs before looking for a pickup truck. Think about how many seats you need for passengers, bed size, towing capacity, and gas mileage versus power.
  • TIP: Make a list of the functions you expect your pickup truck to have to help you determine what you need.
  • Step 2: Research Use online resources and manufacturer catalogs to find trucks that fit your needs. Then make a list of trucks to decide from. Find reviews the trucks you have on your list to get a sense of customer satisfaction and professional ratings.
  • Step 3: Find out availability Find online services, such as online automobile classifieds, local dealership websites, and local classified ads, to find pickup trucks available in your area.
  • TIP: Consider used trucks, certified used trucks, new trucks, and leasing options for trucks when considering what is available.
  • Step 4: Check quality of specific truck Make sure you thoroughly scrutinize the trucks you find before purchasing, especially if they're used. Test drive the truck and have it inspected by a trusted mechanic.
  • Step 5: Give yourself time Give yourself some time after finding a truck you like to research the specific vehicle and to carefully review your decision.
  • Step 6: Purchase Purchase your truck from the seller or dealership. Make sure you carefully consider warranties if you're purchasing from a dealer.
  • FACT: Ransom Olds opened the first automobile factory in Detroit in 1901.

You Will Need

  • Needs
  • Research
  • Availability
  • Test drives
  • Mechanic
  • Time
  • Warranty
  • List of functions (optional)

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