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How to Buy a Racing Bicycle

Designed to be light and aerodynamic, a racing bike is what you need for speed.


  • Step 1: Choose style Choose either a performance bike or a recreational model. Performance bikes are the lightest weight -- made from carbon fiber or lightweight alloy -- and the most expensive. Mid-range recreational bikes use aluminum frames with carbon forks.
  • TIP: Mid-range bikes usually cost $800 to $2,000. Performance bikes can cost $2,000 and up.
  • Step 2: Know gears Know that most road racing bikes have 20 gears. Consider compact gearing if you ride over hilly terrain for greater ease without sacrificing speed.
  • Step 3: Opt for adjustable seat Opt for an adjustable seat to get the most comfortable ride.
  • Step 4: Choose quality components Choose quality bike components from reputable companies. Shimano and Campagnolo are two respected names.
  • Step 5: Go to a reputable bike store Shop for your bike at a reputable bike store in order to get the correct fit, adjustments, and personal service.
  • Step 6: Test ride Take your bike on a test ride to make sure you're comfortable on it and ensure you get the proper fit.
  • Step 7: Score a deal Score a deal online. If you know exactly what you want, you could find a great deal online on used bikes where pros regularly sell their old models.
  • FACT: A survey found that men are nearly twice as likely as women to ride their bicycles at least once a week in the summer months.

You Will Need

  • Bike style
  • Compact gearing
  • Adjustable seat
  • Quality components
  • Reputable bike store
  • Test ride
  • Internet access
  • Compact gearing (optional)

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