How to Buy an RV

If you're looking to conquer the open road with your family, this guide will have you traveling in comfort with the perfect recreational vehicle.


  • Step 1: Start small Start with a small motor home or trailer and trade your way up if this will be your first time driving an RV.
  • Step 2: Rent before buying Rent an RV before committing to spending thousands of dollars to see if you feel comfortable driving and maneuvering it on the road.
  • TIP: Give the RV a good test run by sitting in the chairs, sleeping in the beds, and using all the amenities over a long weekend or vacation in the park.
  • Step 3: Visit an RV show Visit an RV show to tour as many different models as possible and make a mental list of all your likes and dislikes.
  • Step 4: Buy new for more options Purchase a new RV to customize it with the luxury options you want, especially if you plan on traveling a lot or making it your second home.
  • TIP: Think about a used RV if you plan on using it for vacations or for travel once or twice a year.
  • Step 5: Find a dealer Research a dealer carefully online or through the Better Business Bureau to avoid getting ripped off on maintenance, parts, and storage costs.
  • FACT: The United States has over four million miles of national highways and roads.

You Will Need

  • Small motor home or trailer
  • Rental RV
  • RV show
  • Luxury options
  • Dealer
  • Test run (optional)
  • Used RV (optional)

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