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How to Buy Blank DVDs

If your mind swirls at the multitude of blank media, this guide will clarify your search so you can get down to recording your favorite shows and home movies.


  • Step 1: Check drive Check your disc drive on your computer or your DVD recorder and look for either an "R" or "RW" so you purchase compatible blank discs.
  • TIP: The "R" will indicate if the drive can burn or "write" to a disc once, or the "RW" disc and drive can be burned or "rewritten" multiple times.
  • Step 2: Spot a plus sign or minus sign Look for a plus or minus sign, which indicate competing formats. Nearly all newer computers and players support both versions.
  • Step 3: Buy a spindle or case Purchase either a spindle of many stacked discs or DVDs. These come in handy plastic storage cases; fewer disks usually cost more.
  • Step 4: Go for mid-range Go for a mid-range in price -- the higher the cost, the more reliable and durable the discs.
  • TIP: The best discs will be made in either Japan or Singapore while lower quality discs are made in China or Taiwan.
  • Step 5: Shop online Shop online for specials deals and rebates if you use a lot of discs and know what you are looking for. Enjoy your media.
  • FACT: The reflective side of most blank discs is a layer of either aluminum, gold, silver, or silver alloy.

You Will Need

  • Recordable disc drive or player
  • Internet access

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