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How to Sell a Product

Effectively sell your product and get it the attention it deserves.


  • Step 1: Know your product Compile and learn all the information about your product and the company that produces it. Know what makes the product stand out, what the goals are for your product, and where in the marketplace it will excel.
  • Step 2: Research Research what your competitors are doing to get an idea of the latest and most effective marketing trends.
  • Step 3: Know audience Know who your target audience is so you can direct the message to your desired demographic.
  • Step 4: Understand Find out what the consumers want and what motivates them to buy. Meet the needs of the consumer by letting them know the benefits they will get from purchasing your product.
  • TIP: Make an emotional connection with your customer by explaining exactly why they need your product.
  • Step 5: Pitch the product Pitch the product to organizations and focus on the facts, strengths, and benefits of the product. Sell the experience your product will give.
  • Step 6: Market your product Market your product online, through social media, by partnering with other businesses, and becoming involved in community events.
  • FACT: 17 percent of families in the United States increased spending on organic products in 2009.

You Will Need

  • Product to sell
  • Research
  • Consumers
  • Marketing skills
  • Internet access

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