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How to Survive a Locust Attack

When locusts swarm, they eat crops, grasses, and any other vegetation in their way. Learn how to fight back against a locust attack.


  • Step 1: Understand locusts Understand that locusts do not harm humans, and they do not carry diseases that can be spread to humans.
  • Step 2: Close doors and windows Close your doors and windows at night time.
  • Step 3: Join government programs Join government organized programs directed at locust attacks. Most action against locusts is directed by area governments.
  • Step 4: Spray the hoppers Spray the locusts in their nymph or hopper stage, before they have wings, with hand held sprayers. Spray the hoppers when they are in dense groups called bands.
  • TIP: Check with the state and local authority to see what insecticides are approved for use against locusts.
  • Step 5: Apply chemicals with vehicle and aerial sprayers Apply organphosphate chemicals with vehicle mounted and aerial sprayers in ULV, or ultra low volume. The chemicals harden the exoskeleton of insect to prevent the locust from growing.
  • Step 6: Use alternative methods Use alternative methods to combat locusts, such as the fungus Metarhizium, which takes moisture and nutrients from the locusts. By following the right procedures to keep your environment safe while ridding yourself of the pests, you can fight off the invading swarm.
  • FACT: According to a 2010 study, when grasshoppers come into contact with each other, their serotonin levels triple, morphing them into locusts which causes a swarm.

You Will Need

  • Pesticides
  • Hand-held sprayers
  • Vehicle mounted and aerial sprayers
  • Fungus

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