How to Just Go for It

Whether it's quitting your job, kissing a girl, or something else that's making knots in your stomach -- there's no magical technique. You have to free your mind and just go for it.

You will need

  • Time limit
  • Visualization techniques
  • Mirror
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation (optional)

Step 1 Set a limit on worrying Set a time limit on worrying. For five minutes, focus hard on your fears and the worst possible outcomes you can imagine. Then, stop and move on.

Step 2 Visualize Motivate yourself by visualizing completing the desired action and imagining the positive feelings of relief and accomplishment you will have later.

Step 3 Prepare Rehearse your actions in front of a mirror until you feel more confident.

Step 4 Release tension Be aware of the tension in your body. Focus on your breathing as you relax each of your muscles to release it.

Step 5 Take the first step Set things in motion by doing the simplest part first. No matter how big your task, remember that every journey begins with a single step.