How to Accept a Terrible Gift

What do you do if you receive a gift that leaves you speechless, disgusted, or scratching your head in bewilderment? Ignore their terrible taste and politely accept their gift.

You will need

  • Smile
  • Acting skills
  • Politeness
  • Communication skills
  • Solution

Step 1 Smile Smile as you discover the terrible gift someone has actually spent money on.

Step 2 Act Act surprised, which will probably not be hard to accomplish.

Step 3 Talk Talk about the unique features it has.

Step 4 Thank them Thank them politely for the gift they shockingly chose for you.

Step 5 Change the subject Change the subject or begin opening another gift.

Step 6 Give hints Give the gift giver hints for a gift you would enjoy the next time a gift exchange is about to occur.

Step 7 Declutter Return, sell, donate, or regift the unwanted and unused gift and keep your home free of clutter.