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How to Choose a Candidate to Vote For

Learn how to sort through all the slogans and showboating to choose the candidate that will best represent your interests and values.


  • Step 1: Be an informed voter Be an informed voter by reading as much factual information as you can about the candidates and issues. Find out when debates will be broadcast and watch them.
  • TIP: Explore the candidates' websites for their positions on the major issues. A candidate who is open about their positions and qualifications is more to be an accountable and responsive elected official.
  • Step 2: Take a poll Take a political ideology test online that finds the candidate or political party that matches up best with your stance on the issues. Check each candidate's voting record to see who best represents your interests.
  • Step 3: Sort through the ads Try to look past the name-calling and sound-bytes in ads and commercials to find the candidates' actual record of accomplishments and stated goals.
  • TIP: Take ploys to sway you emotionally with a grain of salt. Claims to be the most patriotic or family-oriented candidate are examples of emotional claims that are usually more manipulative than helpful.
  • Step 4: Check the source Always check the source of new information such as polling data and claims of scandals. If the source is biased toward one candidate, it's likely the information is biased, too.
  • Step 5: Cast your vote Cast your vote for the person you believe will do the best job, and have fun watching the results come in on election night to see if your candidate is the winner.
  • FACT: As president, Lyndon Johnson is said to have asked aides and important visitors to follow him into the bathroom to continue their conversations.

You Will Need

  • Factual information
  • Internet access
  • Stance on the major issues
  • Ability to see through ploys
  • Information sources

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