How to Clean a Turkey

Be careful to keep everything clean while you prepare to cook your turkey on the big day. Follow a routine that will ensure the turkey is as healthy and delicious.

You will need

  • Preparation
  • Care
  • Cleanliness

Step 1 Remove neck and giblets Reach inside the neck cavity and remove the neck and giblets. Save them for stock before the cooking starts.

Step 2 Rinse it Rinse and clean the turkey thoroughly under cold running water, turning and rubbing to get every part, inside and out.

Step 3 Dry and drain Dry the turkey with clean kitchen or paper towels. Set the carcass cavity down so that it drains into the sink.

Step 4 Wash everything Wash anything that might have come into contact with the bird after you clean it — utensils, cutting boards, and your counter top.

Step 5 Scrub your hands Avoid touching any surface in the kitchen before scrubbing your hands and forearms to be sure nothing is cross-contaminated.

Step 6 Cook the bird Cook and serve your bird, and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.