How to Convince a Cat to Eat New Food

Cats are creatures of habit. Getting one to accept a new cat food requires patience and a plan such as the one described here.

You will need

  • Regular mealtimes
  • Old cat food
  • New cat food
  • Cat food blend
  • Treat

Step 1 Introduce the food at mealtimes Introduce the new food at regular mealtimes. If the cat does not finish it, take it away after half an hour. Offer it again at the next scheduled mealtime.

Step 2 Introduce the food gradually Try introducing the food gradually over the course of a week by blending the old and new foods together if the cat continues to resist the new food. Increase the proportion of new food to old until you are feeding the cat 100 percent new food.

Step 3 Add a treat As an alternative, try mixing the new food with a treat that has a strong aroma. Then gradually reduce the amount of added treat over the next few days. Remember: cats won’t eat what they can’t smell. With these tricks, you’ll persuade your cat to enjoy his new meal!