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How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is an awesome water sport that is easy to learn. The first thing to learn is how to get up on the wakeboard.


  • Step 1: Tuck in a ball Tuck yourself in a small ball with your arms around your knees, grasping the towline handle and your board perpendicular to the back of the boat.
  • Step 2: Get on top Rock forward on top of the board once the boat idles and begins to pull you. Keep your arms extended and let the boat pull you up.
  • TIP: As you're coming up on the top of the water with your weight forward, keep your toes up and heels down.
  • Step 3: Plane on the surface Allow the board, still perpendicular, to plane on top of the water. You'll notice this when your board begins to move smoother on the water.
  • TIP: Do not stand up too early before the board is planing, because your face will be in the water.
  • Step 4: Stand up Stand up and shift your lead foot, usually your left foot, forward. Turn your front hip to the handle to get into a straight riding position. You're off.
  • FACT: In 1985, surfer Tony Finn developed the Skurfer, a hybrid combo of waterski and surfboard, which would later turn into the wakeboard.

You Will Need

  • Wakeboard
  • Towline
  • Ski boat
  • Water

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