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How to Make an Elf Costume

Whether you're bustling in the workshop, hanging at a Christmas party, or just chilling at home, here's a costume to ensure you dress to impress.


  • : Kids under 10 should not use sharp scissors or hot glue. An adult should help older children.
  • Step 1: Design a vest Make a vest out of the long t-shirt. Cut off the sleeves; then cut an inverted V down the front, starting at the belly button and extending to end of the shirt. The bottom of the V should measure about 9 inches across. Hem the V's edges; then sew the buttons straight down the shirt front.
  • Step 2: Make the hat Cut six 8- by 8-by 4-inch triangles from the green felt. Sew the 8-inch sides together in a cone to make an elf's hat. Use the hot glue gun to attach the pom-pom to the fabric at the top of the hat.
  • Step 3: Fashion a footwear pattern To make shoe covers, turn the right shoe on its side and trace it on the gold felt. Add 1 inch to the back edge, 1 inch to the top, 2 inches to the sole, and 2 inches to the section extending from the tongue to the toe. Draw a curved line out from the toe; then cut out the tracing.
  • Step 4: Form the shoe cover Trace the pattern on the gold felt; then sew the two pieces together, leaving a hole about 6 inches across at the top for your foot. Stuff cotton balls in the tip of the fabric so the toe curl stays firm.
  • TIP: Sew a jingle bell to the tip of the curl for extra holiday cheer.
  • Step 5: Elf your shoe covers Cut a 12- by 5-inch strip of gold felt. Cut out a line of triangles along one of the longer edges. Then cut a 12-inch elastic strip and sew both it and the straight side of the felt strip along the top of the shoe cover so the triangles point upward. Fold the triangles down to overlap the shoe's tongue, top, and back. Repeat for the other shoe.
  • Step 6: Create ears To make elf ears, cut the craft foam in a 3- by 3- by 5-inch triangle. Use the scissors to round the two corners where the 3-inch side meets the 5-inch side. Fold the foam over lengthwise so the top sticks together, leaving an opening at the bottom for your actual ear. Repeat this process for your other ear.
  • TIP: Use pastels to color the foam to match your skin tone.
  • Step 7: Get your clothes on Put on the tights and turtleneck, followed by the vest. Cinch the belt over the vest, just above the belly button. Then, put on the shoes and shoe covers, put the ears over your own, don the hat, and spread some holiday cheer!
  • FACT: The Encyclopedia Britannica has had an entry for elves since 1777.

You Will Need

  • Long green T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Green thread
  • 4 black buttons
  • Green felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pom-pom
  • Pair of low-top sneakers
  • Gold felt
  • Pencil
  • Gold thread
  • Cotton balls
  • Elastic
  • Craft foam
  • Green tights
  • Red long-sleeve turtleneck
  • Black belt with a large buckle
  • Jingle bells (optional)
  • Pastels (optional)

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