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How to Make Green Eyes Pop

The right eye shadow hues can make your green eyes pop. Define your eyes and play it up!


  • Step 1: Find complementary shades Pick out shades that work best with your eye color. Rich purples, mauve, and violet accent bright green eyes. Shimmery shades of bronze, copper, and gold help to highlight the golden undertones in green eyes.
  • TIP: Eye shadows often come in kits that contain matching shades. Such palettes often include exact directions on where to apply each hue.
  • Step 2: Apply eye shadow Apply a thin layer of a medium shade all over your lid, then blend a darker shade into the crease of your eyelid. To finish, apply a light shade onto your browbone to highlight your eyes.
  • TIP: Don't be afraid to go bold. Green is a strong eye color, so try a vibrant color, even a bold shade of green.
  • Step 3: Define with eyeliner Add definition and further define your eyes with eyeliner. Draw a thin line along the top eyelid, close to the base of your upper lashes for a sultry look; apply a thin line along your lower lashes.
  • TIP: Black eyeliner is standard.
  • Step 4: Frame with mascara Frame your eyes with two coats of mascara. Apply the first coat to the tips of your lashes and allow it to set. Gently wiggle the brush from side to side when applying the second coat, working the brush from the base to the tips.
  • Step 5: Experiment with color Experiment with new colors to find the perfect shade. Green eyes come in a variety of hues, so it may take some trial-and-error to find the colors that work best for you.
  • FACT: William Shakespeare used, and possibly coined, the term "green-eyed monster" to signify jealousy in The Merchant of Venice in 1596.

You Will Need

  • Eye shadow in complementary shades
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara

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