How to Make Brown Eyes Pop

You have so many color choices to use with those beautiful eyes your only problem will be exercising some restraint.

You will need

  • Neutral and lighter makeup
  • Eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • A dome brush
  • And mascara

Step 1 Stick to neutral colors Select neutral eye-makeup colors like blue/gray, teal, taupe, peach, and plum when using makeup techniques to bring out brown eyes. Though brown-eyed people can pull off nearly any shade, overly bright ones might detract from the eyes.

Step 2 Prime the lid, add silver Prime the entire lid, then scheme in a silver or gray highlight along the lid edge.

Step 3 Put color in corners Touch up the corners with a dark shadow. Lightly sweep the color into the crease. Bring in a lighter, matte shade toward the brow that almost matches skin tone, to define the eyebrow without a harsh line.

Step 4 Choose the right eyeliner Choose any color but black for eyeliner, and dramatize the eye more by brushing from the outer third of the lid and out, to suggest an almond shape.

Step 5 Etch lash line Etch just under the eye’s lower lash line with a small dome brush in a slightly softer shade than, but the same color as, the corners.

Step 6 Apply mascara Apply black mascara, or dark blue as an alternative. Use brown for a natural look, going heavier on the upper lashes and emphasizing the outer corners. Let everyone notice your eyes.